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Why Gentle Path at The Meadows?

Sex addiction is real and is defined as “a pathological relationship with a mood altering experience.” Statistics show that 17 to 37 million people suffer from a sex addiction.

Recognizing the obvious signs of sexual addiction can help identify if someone has crossed the line from a normal enjoyment of sex to an addiction that needs professional assistance. Sex addicts will continue to engage in sexual behavior despite financial problems, potential or actual arrest, health risks or broken relationships. This condition can cause an individual to feel enslaved by their addiction to sexual thoughts and acts.

Problematic sexual behavior includes:

  • Loss of control
  • Preoccupation with sexually acting out
  • Significant adverse consequences
  • Continuation despite consequences

Sex is part of a normal, healthy life; however, when sexual activities or thoughts become consuming or habit forming, it crosses the line into addiction.

Gentle Path at The Meadows is especially designed to treat and work with male sex addicts with these complex issues. We also understand that when men gather together with the intention of changing the core of who they are, without distraction from the outside world, a container of safety is created in which they can begin the recovery process.

Effective Multiphase Treatment

Gentle Path at The Meadows founder Dr. Patrick Carnes is a world-renowned speaker and author on sex addiction treatment. He authored the first work designed to help addicts deal with their sexual compulsions and examine the underlying trauma behind their addiction. As the primary architect of the Gentle Path program, Dr. Carnes created an innovative and highly effective treatment plan especially designed to heal male sex addicts.

Different Levels Of Care

Gentle Path at the Meadows is a level 1 inpatient unit, providing the highest possible level of care dedicated exclusively to men suffering from sexual addiction. We are accredited by The Joint Commission which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, high quality care, and treatment. Each patient is treated with a customized plan created during initial assessment. Different levels of care are available based on each specific need with every level administered in a safe, controlled environment.

Acute Care Level

We have the ability to provide acute inpatient psychiatric care and substance detox. The acute care section of our unit has 24-hour monitoring by Registered Nurses and nursing staff experienced in psychiatric and detox issues.

Intensive Inpatient Services Level

Patients at this level still require inpatient care but are not suffering from immediate substance abuse or psychiatric crises. The care is not as intensive as it is in the Acute level but patients are still monitored 24 hours a day by medical and psychiatric professionals to ensure safety.

Overcome Sexual Addiction

Gentle Path at The Meadows located in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experientially based 45-day treatment program for men with the complex issues of sexual addictions.

We are a Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility with 28 beds. We are accredited by The Joint Commission which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, high quality care, and treatment.Patients can be assured outstanding care at Gentle Path at The Meadows.

In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, men are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders. The goal is for these individuals to gain the courage to face difficult issues, including grief and loss; heal from emotional trauma; and become accountable for their own feelings, behaviors, and recovery. Visit us here or feel free to phone us at 855-333-6076.

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