Compulsive sexual behavior is sometimes called hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, or nymphomania. It’s an unhealthy obsession with sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviors that may distress an individual or negatively affects their health, job, relationships, or other parts of their life.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Compulsive sexual behavior may involve a commonly enjoyable sexual experience (for example, self-stimulation) that becomes an obsession and becomes disruptive or harmful to you or others. Other compulsive sexual behaviors are outside the bounds of commonly accepted conduct (for example, paying for sex or having extramarital affairs) and cause distress. All these behaviors could have negative consequences.

Types of Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

Paraphilic behaviors are unconventional sexual behaviors which are obsessive and compulsive. Some of these are:

  • Pedophilia (sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children)
  • Exhibitionism (sexual excitement associated with exposing one’s genitals in public)
  • Voyeurism (sexual excitement by watching an unsuspecting person)
  • Sexual Masochism (sexual excitement from being the recipient of the threat)
  • Frotteurism (sexual excitement from touching or fondling an unsuspecting person)

Nonparaphilic compulsive sexual behaviors involve conventional sexual behaviors that, when taken to an extreme, are recurrent, distressing, and interfere in daily functioning. These may include:

  • Compulsive searching for multiple partners
  • Compulsive fixation on an unattainable partner
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Compulsive love relationships
  • Compulsive sexuality in a relationship

Dr. Patrick Carnes popularized the concept of Compulsive Sexual Behavior as an addiction. He believes that people become addicted to sex in the same way they become addicted to substances or other behaviors.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Treatment

At Gentle Path at The Meadows, our drug addiction treatment options range from detoxification to an intensive, inpatient psychotherapeutic program that addresses the symptoms and causes of addiction. Our expert staff is trained to help people overcome their sexual addictions and co-occurring drug addictions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Gentle Path at The Meadows is a Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility licensed for 28 beds dedicated only to those who suffer from sexual addictions and co-occurring issues. We offer the highest level of care dedicated exclusively to men suffering from sexual addictions and are accredited by The Joint Commission which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, high-quality treatment. Patients can be assured they are receiving outstanding care at Gentle Path at The Meadows.

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