Sexual anorexia is a severe aversion to sexual contact and the obsessive avoidance of sex. People who struggle with sexual anorexia may feel self-loathing after sex, have irrational fears about sexually transmitted diseases, engage in self-destructive behaviors to avoid sex, or have episodes of promiscuous behavior followed by periods of extreme deprivation.

What Causes Sexual Anorexia?

Sexual anorexia is brought on by trauma. People with sexual anorexia and other intimacy issues long for affection, but in many cases, have come to believe that they are undeserving of love and that they cannot trust others. Extreme abstinence and isolation seem to them the only way to stay safe.

Anorexia means “interrupted appetite.” People who have sexual anorexia actively avoid, fear, or dread sexual intimacy. Inhibited sexual desire, sexual avoidance, and sexual aversion are phrases that describe the same condition. Sexual anorexia can include problems such as impotence in men, but often there is no physical cause. A person with sexual anorexia may also show fear and anger when the subject of sex comes up.

Causes of Sexual Anorexia

Common emotional causes of sexual anorexia are:

  • Sexual abuse and rape
  • Negative attitude toward sex
  • Strict religious upbringing about sex
  • Communication problems
  • Power struggles with a partner or loved one

Our Sexual Anorexia treatment doesn’t just address the symptoms; it also addresses the issues and factors that contributed to the condition in the first place.

Sexual Anorexia Treatment for Men

Gentle Path at The Meadows, located in Wickenburg, Arizona, provides an intensive, experiential-based 45-day treatment program for men with complex issues surrounding pornography and sex addictions.

We are a Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility with 28 beds, providing the highest level of care dedicated exclusively to men suffering from sexual addictions. We are accredited by The Joint Commission which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safe, high-quality treatment. Patients can be assured they will receive outstanding care at Gentle Path at The Meadows.

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